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Private Immigration Services


We help individuals apply for visas for themselves and their family members, challenge refusal decisions and secure their long term future in the UK.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Business start-up visas
  • Business innovator visas
  • Work visas
  • Spouse and partner visas (Pricing)
  • Dependent relative visas (Pricing)
  • Settlement visas (Pricing)
  • EU migration (Pricing)
  • Settled Status applications
  • Family visit visas (Pricing)
  • Residence card applications (Pricing)
  • Appeals

Business start-up visas

This new category will be open to applicants who have recently graduated, as well as those looking to start a new business for the first time in the UK. Applicants won’t require prior funding, but will have to be endorsed by an approved endorsing body. This route does not automatically lead to settlement in the UK, but can provide a platform for switching into other categories like the Innovator route.

Business Innovator visas

The Innovator category is the replacement for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa and is intended for experienced business people wishing to set up business in the UK. Applicants will need to have investment capital of at least £50,000 and be endorsed by an approved endorsing body. It will be possible to settle in the UK after 5 years if business has grown sufficiently.

Spouse and partner visas

Making an application for a spouse or partner visa can be very complicated and confusing. The Home Office must be satisfied that all the requirements of the Immigration Rules are met, and that your relationship is genuine and subsisting. They will require detailed evidence of the sponsoring partner’s financial earnings to be satisfied that they qualify under the rules, and couples can face interviews to test the genuineness of their relationship.

Applications can be refused if insufficient or inadequate evidence is provided, resulting in frustrating and emotionally distressing separation from loved ones.

We help clients by clarifying the requirements of the complex immigration rules, providing clear and practical advice on the evidence that must be submitted and the process involved. Where clients have been refused visas, we can help challenge decisions.


Dependent relative visas

Most categories of visa will allow you to include spouses and children under 18. In some circumstances, older children or other elderly relatives can also be included. Often these cases are unique because they don’t fit into the categories set out in the immigration rules.

We help clients by advising them on the feasibility of sponsoring elderly dependent relatives, the evidence that should be provided and the application process.


Settlement visas

Applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) will often be the most important step in a long journey towards settlement in the UK.

ILR brings considerable benefits and you will be able to travel to and from the UK without restriction. You would also be allowed to take any employment or business activity without restriction. It will also be the stepping stone to Naturalisation as a British Citizen.

We advise clients on their eligibility to apply, the evidence that should be submitted and the application process. We can manage the process through to completion, or provide bespoke services to suit your requirements.


EEA Migration and residence card applications

With Brexit on the horizon, many European citizens who have been lawfully resident will need to undergo further applications in order to secure their residence in the UK when rights of free movement end.

The success of these applications often depends on being able to produce comprehensive and detailed evidence of ones employment, educational and residential history in the UK.

We provide guidance and help our clients apply for permanent residence cards under existing EEA laws which are still in force to provide peace of mind that their immigration status is secure.


Family visit visas

Inviting relatives or friends to the UK to visit can be a surprisingly difficult challenge. The Home Office must be satisfied that the person visiting intends to leave the UK within 6 months.

Applications can be heavily scrutinized, with the Home Office requiring detailed information about the applicant’s personal circumstances in their home country, financial position, and motivation for coming to the UK. Refusal decisions cannot be appealed and can only be Judicially Reviewed which can be a complex and lengthy process.

We help clients through the application process and provide advice on how to overcome repeated refusal decisions.