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Safeguarding & ‘IICSA’

Our Services

The duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of pupils is central to everything that a school does. Our team is highly experienced in advising independent schools in wide ranging safeguarding matters. This includes the school’s policies, procedures, and compliance with the growing body of legislation and statutory guidance.

We will support you in developing a culture which is focussed and centred around the safety of the children in the school’s care and which permeates everything that the school, its staff and governors do.

When a concern or more serious crisis arises, we will support you through your procedures and duty to make referrals, whether to your Designated Safeguarding Lead, Head, Designated Officer or Children’s Social Care, depending on the circumstances.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has gathered momentum and has reached its public hearing stage in streams which include some schools. Schools are becoming increasingly concerned with the requirement to assist the Inquiry and the daunting prospect of self-reporting. We have extensive experience of working with schools which face allegations of abuse and can support you through criminal investigation, associated civil claims and any action which may be required to assist the Inquiry. It is essential to obtain credible advice which the school can rely on.