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We do what we do very well, or not at all. We aim to remove complexity; we do not look to make routine legal issues complex. We leave this to others.

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Barlow Robbins is right here, in your world, helping you find your way through a wide range of issues for which you might require sound legal advice.

We place you and your outcome at the centre of everything we do. Our aim? That you will feel strongly supported, informed and in control with advice that’s prompt, incisive and clearly communicated.

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We can help you to grow your business, to safeguard your personal wealth, to protect the reputation of your school or charity and act for those who have suffered serious personal injury.

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Taxing times for the Non-Dom

17 March 2017

Following several years of announcements from the Government on proposed changes to the treatment of ‘non-doms’, culminating in the release of the Finance Bill 2017, do non-domiciled individuals have cause for concern in respect of the changes due to come into effect from 6 April 2017?

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